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Kunstenoverleg Gent is looking for actions and ideas

Are you breeding on an artistic idea, but don’t know how to work it out, or with whom? Do you run into an administrative wall during the preparation of an event in your neighborhood? Do you have a proposal to bridge the gaps in the current subsidy system? Or do you have a very powerful plan that will blow the Ghent scene away? 


For our first Grand Assembly, which will take place on 2 October 2019, we are looking for concrete actions and ideas for our city. These actions will be collected, discussed and validated (or not). That is to say: during the Grand Assembly it will be decided whether an ‘action group’ will be set up on the basis of your idea or proposal, in order to develop this idea. Such a group then has one year to realize the idea, or to make serious progress.


An important criterion in our search is that your proposal transcends the individual interest. Meaning: we are looking for proposals that will benefit us collectively, as an arts sector, as a city. But a great deal can be done in terms of content, as long as there is a shared interest.


As soon as an action is approved, an action group is appointed, led by a ‘leader’. He or she will therefore take the lead in guiding the group in the right direction that year.


Some possible examples:



There is a need for a clearer policy on creative workplaces. We are not only talking about rehearsal rooms for music groups or theatre, but also about the need for experimental space for young video artists or visual artists. This action group investigates how we can map out the current potential in Ghent and how we can offer accommodation in the short term. In collaboration with Zalenoverleg, the existing platform for infrastructure and calendar space.


Example 2

The theatre audience in Ghent is ageing. The average visitor is in his forties or older, white, higher educated. In this action group, new ways are being sought to build up an audience – an audience that is young and diverse and that may not recognize itself in the offerings on stage at the moment. This action group investigates which target groups are least exposed to the performing arts, and vice versa. But alternatives are also being formulated to spread the offer even better, both in terms of age and geography.


Example 3

A common obstacle – or challenge – in setting up artistic projects, is the business policy: how do you get the resources together? Who manages the budget? What are the possibilities to support and finance a good idea? This action group investigates how we can open up the existing business expertise of the Ghent scene and share it with newcomers. For example, is it possible to have a rotation in which various houses and organizations enter into a dialogue with individual artists or young collectives? Wherein every month a different organization holds an ‘open day’ to share its knowledge?


Example 4

Wild ideas are also welcome. For example: wouldn’t it be super-interesting if we, as an arts sector in Ghent, organized an annual ‘switch’ in which employees from one organization participated in another one for a month? Call it a kind of structural internship, with a view to sharing expertise, whether or not of an artistic nature. It can be about technique, dramaturgy, production... You name it. This action group investigates whether such a ‘Tour of Ghent’ is feasible, and which organizations are willing to invest in it.


Do you have an idea that would fit this call? Would you like to think about similar actions?


Submission is simple: anyone can formulate a proposal, individually or on behalf of a collective. How? By writing a text in which you describe and argue your proposal. Or by making a video or slideshow. Or, why not, by building a model. The form is free and is determined by the idea in question. 


Deadline is 22 September 2019.

The first proposals will be discussed at the General Meeting on 2 October 2019.